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The Definitive Induction Buying Guide from the Gurus at Yale Appliance

As I recently posted on LinkedIn, " As a self-described "appliance whisperer", I must yield my title to the masterful and gracious King of Content himself, Steve Sheinkopf." Steve is the CEO of Yale Appliance, a family owned business with three locations in Boston, Framingham, and Hanover, Massachusetts. I have a blast following him and his team on social media and I am happy to say that we are now connected in real life. Don't ya just loved LinkedIn? (It is my social #happyplace.)

I have some fun events and chats with Steve coming soon, where I will delve into how he and his team at Yale became the undisputed champions of appliance and design related content and how and why he (like me) became a fan and advocate of #electrickitchens , but for now I am posting this master-work...

I present to you, the Yale Appliance Induction Buying Guide. It rocks.

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